10 Info About HIV And AIDS That Everybody Ought to Know

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HIV is without doubt one of the world’s most prolific viruses and AIDS is a situation that an individual can develop within the late levels of the virus if and when it’s left untreated. Learn on to search out out extra about these two medical circumstances.


1. Though typically confused, HIV and AIDS are usually not the identical factor

HIV is a virus and AIDS is a situation brought on by the virus, so sure, they’re carefully linked however no, one acronym can’t be used within the place of one other as is commonly the case.


2. Each HIV and AIDS contain the immune system

The HIV virus infiltrates an individual’s immune system, utilizing the cells to create copies of itself and damaging or destroying them within the course of. AIDS includes an individual with a severely compromised immune system brought on by HIV turning into contaminated by opportunistic infections and cancers which in flip trigger a wide range of continual signs.


3. HIV is very contagious, AIDS just isn’t

The virus is unfold by way of blood, semen, vaginal and anal fluid , and breast milk (however not by way of saliva, sweat, or urine). It’s usually transmitted by way of sexual activity with an contaminated individual, contaminated syringes, needles and tattooing tools and contaminated blood transfusions. The virus spreads simply and with no information on the a part of the contaminated individual. AIDS alternatively is non-contagious.


4. Having HIV means an elevated danger of creating lively Tuberculosis illness

The 2 go hand-in-hand, with round 1.2 million of the ten.4 million individuals presently contaminated with lively TB illness additionally being HIV-positive.


5. HIV and AIDS don’t have any treatment

There isn’t any treatment that exists for HIV, however that doesn’t imply that being HIV-positive is a dying sentence. In reality, there are numerous remedy choices obtainable which work by stopping the virus from propagating inside the physique, lowering what is called the ‘viral load’ and permitting contaminated individuals to stay regular lives by stopping them from transmitting the virus to their sexual companions and making certain that the virus doesn’t become AIDS at a later stage.

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