10 Surprising Locations You Would By no means Anticipate to Discover Fluoride!

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Fluoride appears to be the one factor folks had been speaking about this previous summer time.  Why are municipalities including fluoride? Do water filters take away fluoride? Is fluoride accountable for Alzheimer’s illness?  Etcetera, etcetera. However what most individuals don’t know is that fluoride is in a complete lot extra than simply your water and your toothpaste! Fluoride is hiding in on a regular basis meals, drinks, and different locations that you’d by no means assume may comprise fluoride!

Check out the ten stunning place fluoride is hanging out.


1.  Fruit Juice and Different Drinks

Worse than the sugar content material that fruit juice and sports activities drinks comprise is the truth that these common drinks additionally comprise between 0.05 to 2.8 PPM of fluoride per serving. Keep in mind that’s not per bottle or can, that’s per serving. Some bottled or canned drinks have, relying on their dimension, between 2 to 12 servings per container. Learn additionally about fruit drinks risks.


2.  Cereal

Have you ever actually learn the label on most business cereal bins recently? What was a healthful, yummy meals within the morning has was a poisonous nightmare! Nearly all processed cereals have GMO corn, perplexing substances akin to TSP (sure, kitchen cleanser) and now, fluoride. Learn the label and you will notice that it’s true. Many cereals comprise as a lot as 3.8 to six.3 PPM per serving.


3. Beer

OMG, even in your beer?! Is nothing sacred anymore? Some manufacturers of beer have as a lot as 1PPM in them. That’s fairly excessive, particularly in the event you like to shine off a 6 pack on the seashore.

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