12 Do’s and Don’ts to Keep away from Shopping for and Consuming GMO Meals

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In case you are among the many 80 to 90 p.c of customers who wish to see Genetically Modified Organisms (GMO) labeled as such, you’re just about out of luck. Though some states akin to Maine, California, and Connecticut have tried to get labeling legal guidelines, Massive Agra has spent billions of {dollars} to struggle these legal guidelines and make the problems complicated for a lot of voters. Don’t look to Uncle Sam for any assist both, because the Feds merely won’t drive the difficulty. Apparently, too many in Congress are on Massive Agra’s payroll.

So how are you going to keep away from GMOs? We have now 12 suggestions that can assist you determine attainable GM meals and merchandise. Did we simply say merchandise? Sure we did. Although you aren’t consuming them, carrying garments comprised of GM cotton solely places more cash in Massive Agra’s pockets. It additionally encourages them to proceed to search for methods they’ll modify seeds which are acceptable to most of the people. Their reasoning is: if individuals are keen to WEAR GM cotton clothes, what else may they be keen to eat and put on?

In case you are new to this you is perhaps questioning what the massive fuss is about GM meals. GM meals, akin to corn, have had their genes modified in order that they’ve a built-in pesticide that kills any bug who tries to take a chunk. What about you whenever you take a chunk? That’s the difficulty right here: nobody actually is aware of. You may suppose that since these meals are on the market that they’ve been completely examined, however this isn’t the case. The FDA permits these firms to run their very own exams, and  when Massive Agra says they’re OK after solely 90 days of testing, the FDA permits them to be offered. Kind of just like the fox guarding the hen home, isn’t it? Whereas we’re at it, let’s be sincere, does anybody suppose that this stuff are secure as a result of they fed them to rats or cows for 90 days?

Effectively, customers do have a blip of hope on the horizon. There’s a new, nonprofit pro-GMO labeling group that’s attempting to push labeling legal guidelines in addition to inserting their seal of approval on meals which are identified to comprise no GM meals.

Check out the highest 12 methods you possibly can keep away from GM meals and their merchandise.


1. DO pay attention to the ‘No GMO’ label

If it says nothing greater than ‘No GMOs’ or ‘Comprises no GMOs,’ be very, very suspicious. Many of those meals have been examined and located that they do truly comprise GM meals. Discover out extra how gmo labels trick you.


2. DON’T purchase the next:

The entire following objects probably come from GM crops:

  • Corn
  • Soy
  • Flax
  • Alfalfa
  • Golden rice
  • Canola
  • Cotton
  • Zucchini
  • Summer time Squash
  • Papayas from Hawaii
  • Sugar (except it says pure cane sugar). Learn extra about prime 10 GMO meals to keep away from.


3. DO learn ingredient labels each time

Simply because one thing didn’t comprise corn or soy final time to procure it doesn’t imply the corporate didn’t determine to change their recipe. Though they don’t need to say GMO, if it says corn or soy, you understand it in all probability is.


4. DON’T purchase aspartame

Aspartame is a most cancers inflicting agent that you just don’t wish to be consuming anyway, however even for those who really feel you possibly can’t dwell with out your food plan soda, contemplate this: aspartame is the excrement (sure, we’re speaking poop) from GM micro organism. It’s disgusting, it’s harmful, and also you don’t want it.

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