Can Curcumin Shield Your Mind From Fluoridation?

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The fluoridation of public water has been a subject of controversy for a few years in the US. This observe started within the Sixties as a means to enhance public well being. Many individuals nonetheless aren’t satisfied by the arguments for it and have sought methods to guard themselves from what they understand to be a dangerous chemical additive. They might have a solution within the type of curcumin, a compound generally present in turmeric.

On this article you’ll be taught what fluoridation is, the arguments for and towards it, and the way curcumin may maintain the important thing to escaping the consequences of fluoride.


A Transient Background on Fluoride and Fluoridation

With the intention to perceive what all of the fuss is about, it’s mandatory to offer a fast synopsis of fluoride and it’s makes use of right here. Fluoride is an ionic compound associated to fluorine, one of many periodic components. Fluorine is quite common and is discovered naturally in many alternative sorts of rocks. “So…what’s it doing in your faucet water?” you is perhaps questioning.

The USA authorities started including fluoride to municipal water in 1961 as a public well being measure. When fluoridated water is consumed, the fluoride is believed to bind to the outermost layer of the tooth enamel, which will increase its’ power and helps to guard it from decay. Up till very not too long ago, the degrees the federal government deemed secure for consumption different from 0.7 milligrams and 1.7 milligrams per liter of water. In 2015, the higher restrict was lowered to 0.7 milligrams, since so many toothpastes comprise fluoride these days that increased ranges have been thought of extreme (extra on that later).

Mainly, the federal government places fluoride within the public’s water to guard their enamel. Sounds nice, proper?

The issue is lots of people imagine that fluoridation can negatively have an effect on human well being. It’s a incontrovertible fact that fluoride is poisonous in very excessive doses. Critics argue that fluoride can accumulate within the physique, and particularly the mind, so why take the danger?

There’s additionally the moral situation of fluoridation. Opponents of fluoridation argue that it’s principally a technique of medicating huge portions of individuals with out their consent. It is usually troublesome to manage how a lot fluoride you might be uncovered to, since completely different folks use completely different quantities of water.


What are the well being dangers of fluoridation?

As talked about above, fluoride in excessive doses is poisonous. There’s a purpose the US authorities adopted the secure higher restrict and most international locations selected to not fluoridate their water in any respect. There have been research which recommend that fluoride publicity can contribute to decrease IQ scores and neurological harm. There’s additionally proof that fluoride can accumulate across the pineal gland within the mind, primarily “calcifying” throughout it (after all, fluoride and calcium aren’t the identical factor however you get the concept). Some articles recommend it could possibly contribute to Alzheimer’s illness though this has not been confirmed.

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