Congenital Coronary heart Defects Infographic

A congenital coronary heart defect is a situation the place a toddler is born with a bodily irregular coronary heart. The rationale for this occasion is that the infant’s coronary heart is underdeveloped when he’s born and has not but fashioned into a traditional coronary heart.

If the mom has diabetes, is a substance abuser, intakes alcohol when she is pregnant, has rubella throughout her being pregnant and is uncovered to sure toxins, the kid that she is carrying has a really excessive threat of getting a congenital coronary heart defect.

Know extra about congenital coronary heart defects and the steps that you would take to reduce the danger of your little one having a congenital coronary heart defect by scrolling beneath.

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Credit score: The surprisingly common world of heart defects by NerdGraph Infographics

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