Have Individuals used Baking Soda to Deal with Most cancers for 10 Cents?

With the Nationwide Most cancers Institute stating that the “common” most cancers therapy costing anyplace between $30,000 and $400,000, relying on the kind of most cancers you could have, you won’t bear in mind that there are people who find themselves treating their most cancers with a house treatment that prices about 10 cents a day and takes solely about 3 weeks. It is a easy however controversial concept that, thus far, has been shunned by the medical trade total. Dr. Tullio Simoncini, an oncologist from Rome, has been utilizing this therapy to destroy cancerous tumors with nice success. His therapy? Baking soda. That’s proper, nothing greater than sodium bicarbonate, often known as baking soda.

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It really works by killing most cancers cells with its alkalinity. The pH of tumors and most cancers cells is considerably extra acidic than common tissues. Most cancers cells usually are not in a position to dwell with out sugar, nor can they dwell in excessive ranges of oxygen. When baking soda is given both orally, by IV, even through an aerosol spray, it causes the apoptosis (cell loss of life) of most cancers cells. Even by way of there was proof that baking soda even improved the results of extra conventional most cancers remedies reminiscent of chemotherapy, many medical doctors refused to consider that this was even attainable.

You gained’t have any bother discovering medical doctors that may agree with incontrovertible fact that most cancers tends to happen in folks with physique’s which can be very acidic. Throughout gentle acidity, folks could have very gentle signs reminiscent of pimples, chilly, flu, and sinus issues, and complications. If this acidity isn’t corrected, many individuals will develop cancerous cells, in accordance with Dr. Simoncini.

He additionally states that the utmost dose per session is about 500 ccs. It may be diversified about 20 % relying on the dimensions of the individual and relying on whether or not there are a number of incidences of most cancers current. It will give the individual’s physique a extra alkaline atmosphere and, due to this fact, trigger the loss of life of most cancers cells.

It’s true that the American Most cancers Society says that there isn’t a proof to again up the medical doctors claims, however you will see that many others that disagree. There have been many scientists which have proven that once you increase alkalinity ranges and improve oxygen, most cancers cells will die.

Demonstrations of how baking soda and dimethyl sulfoxide may help most cancers sufferers with their ache have been revealed in a PubMed article. The physique is aware of the way to heal itself however typically it wants assist. There was a research completed that found that baking soda stopped the formation of most cancers cells within the prostate, nonetheless, the mechanism of precisely how this occurs isn’t understood.

For those who haven’t learn it already, there may be one story of a person named Vernon Johnston who was affected by stage 4 prostate most cancers. By the point it was found, it had already metastasized into his bones. Mr. Johnston states that he reversed his most cancers and made a whole restoration by utilizing baking soda and molasses. You may google his full story as it’s revealed on-line.

Many of those findings aren’t “new” nonetheless. 50 years in the past, Otto Warburg was awarded two Nobel prizes for his work that proved that most cancers was attributable to a scarcity of oxygen in cells. Additionally, again within the 1950’s, Dr. Carl Reich M.D. discovered that when his sufferers took a number of occasions over the advisable every day enable of calcium, vitamin D, magnesium, and nutritional vitamins, they “cured themselves” of just about all degenerative ailments. Why? As a result of this stuff induced their our bodies to turn out to be extra alkaline.


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A really fantastic, white powder, baking soda is usually known as bread soda, cooking soda, and bicarbonate of soda. Sodium bicarbonate is its chemical title, or typically sodium hydrogen carbonate. Extensively used as a leavening agent in baking or dissolved in mineral water for drinks that assist with indigestion. It’s additionally been used across the residence as a cleansing agent, and a whitening agent that can also be utilized in toothpastes.

As a result of baking soda can neutralize abdomen acid, it’s also used to deal with individuals who overdose on acidic medication reminiscent of aspirin. Baking soda offers the physique extra sodium so it’s additionally used to deal with excessive ranges of potassium within the blood. Learn additionally in regards to the impact of lemon and baking soda.

Since baking soda has been utilized by medical doctors, in addition to lay individuals for lots of of years, why is it any shock that that it may very well be used for the therapy of most cancers?

In easy phrases, malignant tumors are nothing greater than big accumulations of cells that develop at an accelerated price. So as to develop at these accelerated charges, the metabolism of those cells can also be enormously accelerated. Most cancers cells burn up big quantities of sugars and carbs with a view to proceed to develop. Because of this you see sufferers with superior cancers develop so skinny. The meals they eat are being utilized by the most cancers cells and this weakens their physique even additional.

A number of the compounds which can be fashioned from the manufacturing of all of the power are acids like lactic acid and pyruvic acid. Now the physique normally removes these acids as quickly as they’re produced, nonetheless, most cancers cells can develop at such an accelerated price that this pure acids accumulate within the areas across the tumors.

The driving pressure behind the metastasis of cancerous tumors is the excessive degree of acidity surrounding the tumors. Now you can see how most cancers cells want this acidic atmosphere with a view to develop and unfold.

Maybe one of many strangest issues is that although most oncologists gained’t advocate baking soda to their sufferers, they do use it in chemotherapy by combining it with their chemotherapy medication, baking soda protects the organs of the physique from being destroyed by the lethal results of these medication. Baking soda raises the pH across the very important organs and retains the medication from inflicting even better injury than they already do.

That is easy and cheap to make use of at residence, nonetheless, you must all the time discuss this over together with your physician or oncologist earlier than making an attempt this your self. Sustaining a excessive pH degree could cause extreme electrolyte imbalance and have an effect on your coronary heart and blood stress. Discovering an oncologist with data of this remedy can be one of the best factor you might do for your self.


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