How to Deal with Stress Eating

Humans are emotional beings and we are confronted with emotions on a daily basis. Some emotions include Anger, Frustrations, Sadness, Stress etc. We deal with our emotion in different manners and ways. When you are faced with such emotions if you always turn to food to deal with it then you are a Stress eater. Stress Eating happens when you turn to food to use it as an agent to comfort yourself from the emotions you are going through. Stress eating is a widely occurring phenomenon across the globe and it is extremely unhealthy in nature. However, there are various measures and steps which can be taken to help you on How to Deal with Stress Eating. They are as follows:

  1. Find out what is causing you to stress out.

Stress does not happen without a reason or trigger. There is always a cause and a trigger to stress. Therefore the very first step one can take is to find out the source and trigger of the stress. It may be related to work, or family, or your business. Identifying your causes and triggers can help you plan out strategies and steps on how to actively tackle them and suppress them before they take control.

  1. Search Ways on how to relieve the stress.

After you find out what is causing you to stress the next approach would be to take up steps and search for ways on how to relieve your stress in a healthy manner. Not everyone may have the same approaches to relieve stress, however some common ways to relieve them is through meditation, taking a walk, having a conversation with friends or family etc.

  1. Take Control of your Emotions.

This is something which is not easy to do, but learning to take control of your emotions is one of the most important steps in learning to deal with your stress eating. Know How and when your emotions are most likely to strike you and just make a list of when your emotion gets triggered and how you deal with them and how you can deal with them in a different and practical manner. Learning to take control of your emotions step by step will help to regain control over your senses and your emotions.

  1. Adopt an Active and Healthy Lifestyle.

Adopting an active lifestyle and healthy lifestyles can also keep your raging emotions at check. An active lifestyle is not always to do with lifting weights or being a regular in the gym. It can be simple things like going for a morning jog, practicing yoga, learning dance, etc. When you adopt an active lifestyle your body and mind automatically program itself to work more without eating. Science also tells us that active people have lower appetites than non-active ones. Not only will you get control over your cravings but you are also making yourself a healthier person. The Active lifestyle will automatically keep you busy and engaged in other disciplines, which in turn will help you to control your eating behavior and help you to cut down on stress.

  1. Get Enough Sleep.

Sleep as ineffective as it sounds plays a big role in one’s daily life. Lack of proper amount of sleep can wreak havoc on your body and mind. Your mind cannot operate in a normal and efficient manner. It will always be in a hurry to finish tasks and this will cause your stress levels to elevate. Therefore you should see to it that you get at least 6 to 7 hours of quality sleep. Studies indicate that less sleep leads to hungrier stomachs and stressful minds.

  1. Take on your Problems head on.

Problems cause stress. However, instead of facing our problems to beat stress we run away from them and use food as a protective barrier from your problems. As long as you allow food to come in between you and your problems, your stress will multiply and your eating habits will further worsen. Finding solutions to your problems no matter how big it maybe is absolutely essential to help you beat down stress in your life. If you can address your problems head-on then the problem of stress will slowly wither away, helping you to lead a life free of stress.



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