The Most Widespread Tough Names For Sugar That Is Hiding In Your Meals

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If you’re like us right here at NaturalOn, you are attempting to chop as a lot refined sugar out of your life as potential.

Sadly, most Individuals nonetheless don’t know the reality about how a lot sugar they’re consuming and the way lethal it’s for his or her our bodies. The explanations for this are that the majority sugars are in processed meals, so individuals by no means even know that they’re consuming it.

Additionally, producers are smarter than we in all probability give them credit score for. They intentionally attempt to mislead you by calling sugar totally different names in order that even in the event you learn their label, you may not acknowledge it for what it really is: sugar. Severely, how many individuals know that maltose is definitely a kind of sugar?

Let’s discuss for only a minute concerning the several types of sugar; primarily glucose and fructose. Glucose is definitely metabolized by each cell within the physique, nevertheless fructose can solely be metabolized by the liver. Fructose has been proven in examine after examine to be very harmful to the physique. A weight-reduction plan excessive in fructose results in metabolic syndrome, diabetes, fatty liver, and insulin resistance.

Though it is best to reduce on as a lot sugar as potential, it’s particularly essential that you just keep away from consuming sugars which might be excessive in fructose.

Let’s take a look at the commonest names for sugar.


1. Sugar or Sucrose

That is the commonest sort of sugar and the sort you in all probability have sitting subsequent to your espresso maker. Known as “desk sugar”, that is the naturally occurring sort of carb that’s present in most fruits and vegetation, similar to sugar cane and sugar beets. Plain outdated desk sugar is 50 p.c glucose and 50 p.c fructose, naturally certain collectively.


2. Agave Nectar

Generally known as agave syrup, this can be a very fashionable sugar different that comes from the leaves of the agave plant. Though it doesn’t spike blood sugar as a lot as common desk sugar, it nonetheless accommodates between 70 and 90 p.c fructose and 10 to 30 p.c glucose. This sweetener isn’t actually a wholesome different in any respect. It’s extremely processed and might be even worse to your well being than plain outdated white sugar!


3. Excessive-Fructose Corn Syrup

Many occasions that is merely shortened to HFCS. One of these sweetener is extraordinarily common within the US and could be present in virtually each sort of processed foods and drinks in your grocery store right this moment. This sweetener is a GM product and is so common as a result of this can be very low cost.

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