What Are The Variations Between HIV And AIDS?

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HIV and AIDS are sometimes confused and referred to interchangeably, however they’re in truth two completely different entities.

Because the identify suggests, the human immunodeficiency virus is simply that: A virus. It solely infects people and as soon as within the physique it assaults the immune system, reducing the physique’s defences and leaving it inclined to infections. That is the place AIDS is available in.

AIDS isn’t a virus that the physique catches, however quite a situation which is attributable to the HIV. It stands for acquired immunodeficiency syndrome. AIDS develops after HIV has prompted appreciable injury to the immune system of the contaminated individual leaving the physique too weak to combat off infections.

As such, the signs can range from individual to individual, relying on which sicknesses the physique develops because of a closely weakened immune system. AIDS is the final stage of HIV, also referred to as the late stage of HIV, and if left untreated will result in demise. Whereas HIV as a virus could be managed very efficiently, permitting the contaminated individual to stay a protracted and wholesome life.

It’s also vital to notice that an individual could be contaminated with HIV and never expertise AIDS, however not vice versa.



HIV is basically identified to be a symptomless situation; the virus silently propagates inside the physique whereas the contaminated individual stays unaware. Nonetheless, there generally is a collection of fever-like signs, which seem 2-6 weeks after contracting the virus, generally known as seroconversion sickness, which are sometimes missed and considered a chilly or a light bout of the flu. These signs are an indication of the physique making an attempt to combat again in opposition to the illness. After this era, the individual can then stay completely symptom-free for a few years whereas the virus is in its latent stage. After this, they could begin to expertise extra critical signs, corresponding to excessive fatigue and weight reduction.

AIDS, then again, doesn’t have any signs of its personal ‘per se’, as it’s caused when infections and illnesses enter the physique by way of a considerably broken immune system attributable to the HIV. However as soon as this injury has occurred the individual is extremely inclined to what’s generally known as ‘opportunistic infections’ and cancers, which can assault the physique when it’s defenceless. The signs a person could expertise can embrace: persistent diarrhea, evening sweats, weight reduction, infections that preserve coming again, and neurological problems, corresponding to melancholy. Any considered one of these signs nevertheless may additionally level to different circumstances, so an individual ought to all the time have a full analysis with their medical practitioner.



As a result of AIDS is a situation caused by HIV, there isn’t any precise remedy for it. That implies that when an individual develops AIDS signs and seeks medical care at this late stage of the an infection, the doctor shall be treating the injury accomplished by the HIV to the individual’s immune system.




There’s additionally no remedy for HIV, however all kinds of remedy choices. The medicine accessible at present for treating HIV are each quite a few and extremely efficient relying on the stage that the illness has reached within the individual, with AIDS being the newest stage. The medicine work by decreasing the quantity of the virus within the physique with the intention to give the immune system the prospect to rebuild itself and begin preventing again in opposition to infections. You will need to be aware nevertheless that the immune system won’t be able to defeat the virus itself by way of taking medicine.


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